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How to make Sticky Rice

Learn how to make Sticky Rice in a microwave oven! Is rice a staple in your house? It is in mine! It’s an easy side dish that we’ll eat with dishes like this Asparagus and Shrimp Stir Fry, chili or any other

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Asparagus with Sautéed Veggies

Quick and easy Asparagus with Sautéed Veggies; a trio of bell peppers and sweet corn finished with balsamic vinegar dressing! Asparagus are plentiful during the spring and we sure ate our fair share since everyone in my family likes the veggie. I

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Curried Chicken Pita Sandwich

Curried Chicken Pita Sandwich on whole wheat pita breads: a tasty and healthy protein packed sandwich! Wonderful melody of flavors of curry spice complemented by the tart cranberries and sweet chunks of pears in this sandwich.  Time for a menu re-set

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Crispy Smashed Potatoes

Crispy Smashed Potatoes! Crunchy edges with soft smooth potato on the inside. These potatoes are a perfect side dish or appetizer! With football monopolizing our TV in the evenings and weekends, and two sports addicts (Alan and Sam!) glued to the

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Tortellini Pesto Salad

Easy pasta salad with a Mediterranean inspired  fresh ingredients; cheese tortellini, kalamata olives, tomatoes, basil and homemade pesto sauce. This can also be turned into an appetizer! I try to pack my own lunch instead of going out during the

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Tortellini Mac and Cheese

Homemade Tortellini Mac and Cheese with a creamy sauce and topped with riced cauliflower.  Anytime you think about macaroni and cheese do those little blue boxes pop in your mind? It does for me! In fact, it brings me back to

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Pesto and Parmesan Popovers

These delicate light and airy Pesto and Parmesan Popovers are bursting with flavor! I’m a little giddy about my new popover pan. Isn’t it the coolest muffin tin ever?! I love it and I got it at a consignment shop for a

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Basil Pesto with Walnuts

Healthy and simple Basil Pesto with Walnuts, a rich sauce that can be eaten with bread and crackers or tossed onto cold or hot pasta.  How are your gardens doing? My little window sill has been the perfect sunny spot

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Grilled Peaches and Yogurt Cream

Sweet and juicy Grilled Peaches and Yogurt Cream with specks of vanilla bean seeds scattered in the yogurt and whipped cream.  We are still firing up the grill, and hope to get another couple months of outdoor cooking. We usually save

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Spanish Rice

This basic Spanish Rice is fluffy and full of flavor, a delicious side dish for Latin meals. Keep it plain or add chopped green peppers or tomatoes. In my last post I shared Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas served with Spanish Rice. Have

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