Limoncello Martini Recipe

This creamy limoncello martini recipe has the perfect blend of sweet and tart flavor with a good dose of boozy limoncello and vodka. If you want a good lemon cocktail this one goes down smooth and tastes like a dessert. I use sugar free ingredients, which makes this cocktail extra enticing for keto and low carb diet followers. 

Limoncello martini on a cutting board with lemon slices
Limoncello Martini Recipe

Ahhh, you didn’t think I shared how to make limoncello just to keep it stashed in your freezer did you? Oh sure, you can find limoncello in grocery stores or liquor stores, but why buy it when you can make the best tasting homemade limoncello right in your own kitchen?

My light and refreshing limoncello spritz is my go-to cocktail, but now it’s time for something different and you are going to love this cocktail too.

If you made the sugar free version of my limoncello, then you have a perfect keto cocktail. Who needs to head out to fancy martini bars when you can shake up your own in just minutes.

Overhead view of limoncello cocktail

Why you’ll love this martini

If you enjoy a good lemon drop martini recipe then you will love this creamy version even more!

  • You can control the ingredients. Want a little more booze? Add an extra ounce or two of limoncello or vodka.
  • Homemade cocktails are more economical. Martinis can cost over $15 dollars for a drink made with sugary ingredients that don’t taste good.
  • Easy to set up a do it yourself cocktail drink station when entertaining.

What is limoncello?

Limoncello is an Italian liqueur originating is Southern Italy. It’s usually served in a small liquor glass or little shot glass and it’s meant to be sipped after a hearty meal to help settle a full stomach.

Homemade limoncello bottled and ready to be enjoyed with a shot glass on the side filled to the rim.

Limoncello martini recipe

For this martini I rimmed the glass with graham crackers for aesthetics, but mostly enjoy this martini without any additional treats on the rim of the glass.

Also, note that there is a creamy base, plenty of boozy flavor and a dollop of sugar free whipped cream for convenience. If you need to make a trip to the store just for the ready made Cool Whip, feel free to whip up your own.

Note that you only need a tablespoon per cocktail to add the creaminess that is so delicious.

Here’s how to make just a tablespoon or two of homemade whipped cream:

  1. Add 2 ounces of heavy whipping cream to a glass like a small juice jar.
  2. With a hand milk frother whip until whipping cream is light and fluffy. It will double in size.
  3. Note: The limoncello is plenty sweet, so I don’t always add additional sugar to the homemade whipped cream. I do like to include a 1/8th teaspoon of vanilla extract to whipped cream.
Ingredients to make Limoncello Martini Cocktails

Ingredients for limoncello martini with vodka

For the classic martini you only need two ingredients; gin and dry vermouth. However, vodka is often used in place of gin, which is what is used in this recipe. For this creamy martini version you will need the following ingredients:

  • Purchase any brand of limoncello or make your own limoncello following my recipe
  • Vodka – use your favorite brand. You don’t need anything fancy.
  • Heavy cream
  • Whipped cream – see above to make your own.
  • Fresh lemons for garnish (optional) – lemon slices or lemon peel
  • Granulated sugar for a sugar rim or graham cracker crumbs added to the rim of the martini glass
  • Ice

Helpful bar tools

  • Martini cocktail shaker
  • Martini glass
  • Jigger
  • Peeler to garnish with lemon

Steps to make a creamy martini

Pick and prepare the glass

There are specific martini glasses, but if you don’t have that style you can use a coupe glass or any other glass that has a wide mouth. Place in the refrigerator or freezer for about 10 minutes to get them nice and cold.

If you serving with sugared rims or adding graham cracker crumbs, prepare the rim of the glass by rubbing a lemon wedge on the rim before dipping in a shallow plate with sugar or cracker crumbs.

Add lemon juice to a rim of a martini glass before dipping in graham cracker crumbs
Preparing a martini glass

Mix ingredients

Next, add all the ingredients in an cocktail shaker filled with ice cubes. Shake vigorously for 10-15 seconds. Pour into prepared chilled martini glass.


Make your glass pretty by adding a fresh raspberry, blueberry or top with lemon zest, a small lemon wedge or a lemon twist.

Mix ingredients and pour in prepared martini glass

Can I make this cocktail in advance?

My recommendation is to mix and enjoy right away. You will lose the creaminess if you let this cocktail sit for more that 20 minutes. Plus, it’s always fun to shake all the ingredients and pour into the glass.

If you plan to serve this cocktail for a crowd, then I would recommend having several cocktail shakers available. The more shakers, the faster you can enjoy this limoncello martini!

Horizontal view of limoncello martini on a cutting board with sliced lemon

If you love lemon flavor then this cocktail is for you! Let me know if you gave this a try.

Love lemon cocktails?

Try this Spiked Lemonade Recipe!

Lemonade spiked with vodka for a cocktail
Horizontal view of limoncello martini on a cutting board with sliced lemon

Creamy Limoncello Martini

Delicious twist to a traditional martini! This vodka based martini is made with limoncello, cream and whipped cream. Delicious sweet and tart cocktail that is also low carb.
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Course: Beverage
Cuisine: American
Keyword: lemon drop martini, limoncello martini recipe, Martini
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Servings: 1 Serving
Calories: 375kcal
Author: Sandra Sandra


  • 2 ounce limoncello purchased or homemade
  • 1 ounce vodka
  • 2 ounces heavy whipping cream
  • 1 Tablespoon Cool Whip purchased or homemade whipped cream
  • Graham cracker crumbs optional
  • Lemon slices optional


  • Prepare the martini glass by tracing a wedge of lemon around the rim of the glass. Dip edge of glass into granulated sugar or graham crumbs.
  • Add ice to a cocktail shaker. Pour in limoncello, vodka, heavy cream, and Cool Whip (or homemade whipped cream).
  • Shake vigorously for 10-15 seconds before straining into prepared martini glass.
  • Garnish with a lemon wedge, lemon twist, lemon zest or fresh fruit or herbs.


Find directions on how to make limoncello here.
Macro nutrients are calculated through VeryWellFit recipe analyzer with sugar free ingredients.
To make your own homemade whipped cream:
  1. Add 2 ounces of heavy whipping cream to a glass like a small juice jar.
  2. With a hand milk frother whip until whipping cream is light and fluffy. You want the cream to double in size. Add sweetener (optional) and 1/8th teaspoon of vanilla extract (optional). 


Serving: 1g | Calories: 375kcal | Carbohydrates: 5g | Protein: 0.6g | Fat: 11g | Saturated Fat: 167g | Fiber: 1g


Please note that the nutritional information provided are guidelines and may vary based on the brand of products used. For your specific nutritional goals use My Fitness Pal or Verywell Fit recipe calculators. All content within this site is not intended as medical diagnosis or treatment and should not be considered a substitute for professional medical expertise.


Creamy sweet and tart limoncello martini cocktail
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  1. Yumm this looks smooth and refreshing. I love the graham crackers on the rim too. I know a few friends who will love this. Thanks for sharing,

  2. This cocktail was like sipping on a piece of lemon pie. It was so delicious and I especially loved the touch of cream. So indulgent!

  3. Lemon flavor has got to be the best and as an Italian we do have some limoncello in the freezer. Lucky us. I haven’t tried it as a martini but it looks so good – perfect for after a meal. I’m surprising Hubs with this since he’s a fan of limoncello like me.

  4. I love lemon everything. This sounds delicious. Perfect for sitting on the patio….our soon…in front of the fire.