Apple Pie Shooter Cocktail

Apple Pie Shooter cocktail topped with whipped cream and pumpkin pie spice!

Apple Pie Shooter - The Foodie Affair

You know that Apple Pie Moonshine that I made late September? Well, not only can you sip it warm or cold, but you can also put it in a shot glass and top it with some whipped cream for an itty-bitty shot of liquid apple pie!

I know the nutritionists say not to drink your calories, but I guarantee this little sweet treat has less calories than a slice of pie and it’s just as delicious!

Apple Pie Shooter - The Foodie Affair

I’ve read that a couple of bars are serving this drink to their patrons, but they aren’t as refined as we are here at The Foodie Affair. We serve this cocktail in shot glasses or in mini parfait glasses like you see here. The clubs are apparently serving this directly in the mouth!

Ahhh, not a chance for me, especially when I would miss the opportunity to stick my pinky finger up while holding this cute glass! That’s embarrassing enough when you realize your finger decides to contort as you sip, right?!

Apple Pie Shooter - The Foodie Affair

This is a fun drink to serve for friends and family, but like I mentioned when I first made Apple Pie Moonshine it can sneak up on you if you aren’t careful, so enjoy sensibly!

Apple Pie Shooter - The Foodie Affair
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