Low Sugar Margarita Recipe {Low Carb}

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This low sugar margarita is a combination of blanco tequila, sparkling lemon-lime water with fresh squeezed lime and orange juice. Simple and delicious!

Low Sugar Margarita Recipe is simple to make and tastes delicious! #lowcarb #low sugar #cocktail | www.thefoodieaffair.com

It has been some time since I shared a cocktail on the blog!  I’ve been sticking to wine when I want an alcoholic beverage mainly because I just don’t enjoy super sugary cocktails as tempting as they might be.

With warm weather and the summer season just around the corner I do like to have some fun cocktails available, so I made this simple classic margarita without adding pre-made margarita mix. I lowered the sugar content significantly, which also limits the carbs!  Win-win!

You might remember this gorgeous Blackberry Margarita I made, which was my first attempt at using fresh ingredients and a sugar-free simple syrup.  Boy, this is a cocktail to savor!  It’s such a difference in taste from the drinks you buy at restaurants!

Another favorite cocktail is my Cara Cara Margarita.  The natural sweetness from the citrus is fabulous, but darn it’s getting harder and harder to snag those oranges when they’re in season.

low sugar margarita with fresh lime juice and sparkling lemon-lime water #cocktail #lowsugar #margarita | www.thefoodieaffair.com

Each of those margaritas requires some patience because of the time it takes to prepare the juice. Definitely worth the effort, but when you want a SUPER simple margarita this Low Sugar Margarita is the one you’ll want to mix up all summer long!

The base of this cocktail is a zero calorie, sugar-free lemon-lime flavored sparkling water.  I usually keep the Le Croix brand of sparkling water stocked in the refrigerator,  but for this cocktail I used Lucky’s brand lemon-lime water.

This is a great cocktail to share with friends!  It doesn’t require a lot of prep time and it’s super tasty! Only 119 calories and 3.5 carbs per drink.  You might as well enjoy TWO 🙂

low sugar margarita with only 3.5 carbs per cocktail! #margarita #cocktail | www.thefoodieaffair.com

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Low Sugar Margarita Recipe {Low Carb}

Prep Time 5 mins Cook Time 5 mins Yields 1


  • 1 1/2 ounce blanco tequila
  • 3-4 ounce lemon-lime sparkling water
  • 1/4 of orange, fresh squeezed
  • 1/2 of lime, fresh squeezed
  • salt for rim of glass (optional)


  1. Add salt to rim of glass (optional).
  2. Fill glass with ice. In a cocktail shaker add lemon-lime water, tequila, and fresh juices. Shake and pour into prepared glass.



Sandra @ The Foodie Affair

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4 Comments on Low Sugar Margarita Recipe {Low Carb}

  1. avatar
    christine says:
    June 4, 2017

    This has my name written all over it. I love sparkling water and just so happens I love margaritas lol. I can see myself drinking these all summer long by the pool!

    • avatar
      June 5, 2017

      Ready for pool lounging! You’ll love how easy it is to mix this up!

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