Last Dance and Late Night Snacks!

The school year is just about finished, and I have two graduates in my family this year. My daughter will be crossing the stage tomorrow with a Bachelors of Arts in English, and my son is finishing his last few weeks of high school! It seems just like yesterday during this time of year I would be scheduling my munchkins their summer swim lessons, and a full itinerary of activities during the school break.

Swim lessons turned to self-taught surf lessons for my kids, and they are busy as ever, especially my son right now. He has been swamped with a lot of senior only activities; breakfast and dinner at local restaurants, self-sponsored senior beach days, prom at a fancy dancy county club, and the upcoming Magic Mountain trip, as well as the overnighter grad night! Phew, what a schedule and expense!

My son has been conscientious about the amount of money I’ve been shelling out, and quite aware that my money tree has been shook relentlessly every few weeks or so. Lately, he has replaced, “what’s for dinner? for I need a check!” His recent request was prom related. Event tickets, tux rental, new shoes & tie, dinner, and his portion of the limo rental. It’s all fun rites of passage through high school, and I’m glad he likes to participate! He gently reminded me with his big brown puppy dog eyes (aka the wrap around his mama’s finger heart tug), “This is my last high school dance EVER, mom!” ME: Sniff-sniff, “I know, we’ve gone through this with your sister, and we’ve planned for your last high school year (seriously, you need to have a separate “Senior” fund account, so start saving NOW, young parents!). I want you to have FUN, but hey (jump in…here’s an open window of opportunity) why don’t you let me host the dinner for prom like I did for your sister?”

Not even a pause…

“Thanks mom, but we want to go out for dinner!” Actually, they really want to ride around in the rented limo as long as possible, and I can’t blame them! I would love limo service too! My wedding limo ride was 25 years ago, and my high school prom was even longer!

My two kids couldn’t be more different. Ashley would bring all her friends over on the weekends for Breakfast Club brunch fest, and during the Christmas season, Secret Santa gift exchange. Always a full house of kids invading my kitchen. Their breakfast get togethers would consist of mixing batches of pancake batter, and cracking and cooking enough eggs to to warrant our own chicken hatchery! I LOVED every moment of the chaos, and their creations were quite impressive. PLUS, for their prom it was ok that I hosted 12 kids for dinner.

Ladies sit first!
Please join us gents!

So for the last four years, I’ve been secretly hoping, and hinting as well as menu planning, “My last EVER hosted prom dinner.”

As you’ve read, FAIL.

Sam definitely let’s me feed his friends. Over the years his friends also roamed in and out of our house, and I love filling appreciative bottomless bellies, but that’s different than a three course sit down meal with linen, flowers, and candles. I would’ve skipped the candles…really!

Well, I don’t give up easily, so I had a back up plan. While the kids were at the dance, I arranged to meet the limo driver, and deliver late night snacks of mini sandwiches, brownies, chips, and more water! My son didn’t suspect a thing, as our house filled with the delicious smell of fresh baked brownies. I didn’t want him to worry about the details, so I just did it. I also knew that for dinner the gals probably ordered salads, and the guys had appetizers, and they would want a snack!

Hey, wait for me I have food to deliver!
Fill those bellies up!
Brownies are the perfect midnight snack! Yum.

I didn’t get to see their “oh, yay, food!” faces when they saw the snacks, but I did get some late night text messages;

Thank you soooo much for the brownies!
Thank you for the food!!


Last Dance

So there we go. Our last EVER prom dance and hosted prom dinner late night snacks!

Remember your school dances?

Hugs Sandra Signature

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  1. Sandra- I am grinning from ear to ear! I absolutely adore your style 😀 What lucky kiddos!! This was a fantastic post all the way around! Happy Mothers’ Day just a wee bit late 😉

    1. Awww, no tears :), but I’m glad this blog post made you think of your own family. Our kids sure grow up quickly that’s why we need to cherish each passing moment right, Norma? Have a wonderful week!

  2. What a wonderful mum you are! Those kids are going to remember you forever for doing such a lovely thing! Gorgeous pictures x

    1. Thanks for the comment, Nicola! They’re such great kids. Maybe one day they’ll pass forward the gesture 🙂

      p.s. I have red velvet with raspberries on my mind…non-stop!!

  3. What a super mommy! You are so sweet! I hope you got great big Mother’s Day hugs; that was sneaky awesome! Also – my boys will have jobs lol. After shelling out so much for field trips this year I can’t imagine the expense of kids in high school!

    1. Thanks, Heather. I had such a relaxing Mother’s Day, chat time, lounge time, family time. Perfect 🙂 and it started like yours, with a cup of java!!

  4. Sandra,

    If you want someone to cook for, Karen and I will send Brian out to visit. You can start the day by making him a six egg omelet. After that you can make him breakfast followed by lunch, dinner, and the snacks in between. Believe me, he (and our checking account) will appreciate it.

  5. Dear Sandra, you’re the sweetest mum EVER! That’s really so nice and hospitable of you to host dinners and breakfasts get togethers! I can’t believe you even had the brownies and sandwiches delivered! That’s so so so sweet of you!! You must be the envy of your kids’ friends! I can imagine them saying, “wow i wish my mum could bake / cook like that!” 🙂 Hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day!

    1. I had a great Mother’s Day. I just love being a mom, and my kids are fun to be around :). Actually, I have some tough mom foodie competition out there. I always tell one of my son’s friend, “be easy on me, I know your mom rocks this dish, because my son tells me :)!”

  6. oh my god mom, i didn’t know you did that! how sweet 🙂
    you definitely deserve the best mom award! happy mother’s day and see you soon!

    1. Thanks for spending the day with me, the awesome dinner, cookbook, and my new favorite necklace! I got lots of compliments, and couldn’t wait to say that you made it!!

      Love you so much,