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Celebration Cake White Chocolate

I have a cake to share with you!!  A simple celebration cake white chocolate buttercream frosting duo! But it’s pink you say?!  True….I’ll explain later. I had a girl’s weekend with Sherri and Shawn, two of my longtime best friends,

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Bourbon Molasses Bread Pudding with Boozy Pecan Sauce

Bourbon Molasses Bread Pudding lightly spiced with cinnamon and vanilla, then topped with a boozy pecan sauce! Who needs a birthday cake when you can have delicious bread pudding?! At my house, it’s tradition for the birthday guy or gal

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Birthday Celebration – Fondue and Pavlova Cake

Birthdays are always a festive occasion for my family. We shower each other with a special family meal, wrapped presents, and of course CAKE. The birthday gal/guy chooses their birthday meal and flavor of cake and the rest of us

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