When you need a flavorful drink, try our Mango Dragon Fruit Refresher Recipe. It’s a Starbucks copycat recipe with a twist, and you’ll love it on a hot summer day.

Refreshers got their name for a reason. This drink is incredibly light and well, refreshing, making it a perfect summertime caffeine choice.


- Lemonade - Welch’s Dragon fruit Mango juice - Dragon fruit powder - Dragon fruit


First, you put all of the ingredients except the cubed dragon fruit into a blender and puree.

Next, you pour the mixture over ice in a prepared cup. You’ll need three large cups to hold 20 ounces of liquid in each plus ice for this recipe or you can serve smaller portions.

Finally, top with the dragon fruit pieces. That’s it! Enjoy your drink and savor how much money and time you’ve saved.

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