No Bake Take 5 Apple Pie is a delicious combination of chopped candy bars and apples folded into pudding and whipped cream!

YOU WILL NEED: – 2 packages (3.4 ounce) vanilla pudding – 16 ounces non-dairy whipping cream – 3 cups milk (I used almond) – 6 Granny Smith apples diced and cored into bite size

YOU WILL NEED:  – 1 Lemon, juiced – 12-14 fun size Take 5 candy bars or 6 regular size bars, chopped into bite size – prepared pie crusts

When I was gathering the ingredients my eyes just about popped out of my head when I saw bags of Take 5 fun size candy bars.

This candy bar isn’t in the stores year round (at least where I live). It usually is reserved for the Halloween rush.

The crunchy pretzel pieces in the candy is so good with the creamy pudding, whipped topping and tart apples!

You can serve this Take 5 Apple Pie the old fashioned way by dishing up a scoop or serve it in mini pie crusts or a couple of large pies!

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