Persimmon Bread with hachiya persimmons, walnuts, and warm spices of the fall season. Add a light glaze or leave plain and top with additional nuts.

YOU WILL NEED: Hachiya persimmons – 3-4 medium size (3″-4″ in diameter) Baking soda Brown sugar – for sugar free version use golden monk fruit. Oil – neutral tasking oil. I used canola.

YOU WILL NEED: Eggs Fall spices – ground cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. Salt  Flour – I use all purpose flour and white whole wheat flour. recipe.

If you have never had baked goods made with persimmon, then you are in for a delicious new way to enjoy this lovely fruit!

Persimmon quick bread is made with ripe hachiya persimmons, which are rich and deliciously sweet in their natural state.

For this recipe I used hachiya persimmons. Pick up firm, not a hard persimmons if you can. You want the persimmon to give a little bounce when gently squeezing.

This bread is similar in texture to a banana bread and there are several options to make this fit your preference.

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