Try this easy pickled Brussels sprouts recipe at home ready in just a couple of days, or preserve for months and enjoy throughout the year.

Eat these tangy, crunchy Brussels sprouts right out of the jar or serve on a charcuterie cheese board at your next gathering.

YOU WILL NEED: – Brussels sprouts – White vinegar and water – Kosher salt – Peppercorns – Mustard seeds – Bay leaves – Garlic cloves – Red Pepper flakes

The first step is to prepare the brussels sprouts by washing them and removing any loose or bruised leaves.

Now that the Brussels sprouts have been prepared it is time to cook them, just slightly so that the texture remains crunchy.

In a separate small sauce pan bring the vinegar, water, and kosher salt to a soft boil just until the salt dissolves. Set aside.

Now you want to add the remaining spices to the Mason jar.

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