Hearty beef vegetable soup recipe cooked in an Instant Pot filled will carrots, celery, peas, green beans and corn! This family meal is very filling and one of my most requested meals!

This Instant Pot beef vegetable soup has similar hearty ingredients, except this low carb version doesn’t have any starches in it.

YOU WILL NEED: – Beef chuck – Avocado oil – Onion – Celery stocks – Carrots – Mixed frozen vegetables – Beef broth – Can chopped tomatoes – Tomato paste – Bay leaf – Salt and pepper

Add oil to an Instant Pot and turn on sauté mode. Brown meat in batches ensuring each side is seared.

Place seared beef in a separate dish.

Add the onion to the last batch of beef and cook until tender

Turn off the saute mode. Put all beef and onion back in the Instant Pot.

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